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Happy Mothers Day!

Thank you Mom !

I love you!


 I love you have a great Day !

I am so Proud of you for all you do for others!

Love your Mom


You’re the best!

 Remember Radom acts of kindness smiles save souls!

Thanks for yours

I love you Mom

I love my Mom I  Love My Mom I love My Mom,  from ALL of your kids !

III. The Lost Child

How many untold mothers wait by the phone for their son or daughter to return home and can we ever forget the media pleas of mothers seeking the return of a lost child. We in the age of immediate feedback have learned of at least eight corpses buried off a lonely highway and remote Cedar Beach near Babylon, New York. [1] The remains identified thus far of women responding or offering services through Craig’s List for adult company we suspect. Each one of those missing daughters as do the photos of the children posted at our local Walmart and online remain a mother’s child even unto death. The vigilant mother will never let go no matter how many years or decades pass like the Hollywood rendition of the whirring calendar on the wall as the dates are blown into oblivion page by page until the child is located or their remains are returned for burial.  The bond between Mother and child is never broken and transcends time and space as the bond between man and Almighty God.


The lost child is sometimes seated at home on the couch and never leaves. The indulgent one who has experimented with alcohol and or drugs short circuiting their emotional development for the next drink, drag, snort, sniff, injection or enema now ageing as an adult child retaining no comprehension of the life they are squandering for a good time now incapable of maintaining relationships other than anonymous aliases based on innumerable electronic profiles preferring to eat, drink and be merry or miserable while mom ponders what is to become of this child when I am gone? The torment of the loving mother to shoo the child away with one form or another of tough love while fearing for the safety of her son or daughter and experiencing the mental contortions of guilt or non guilt should the child happen into an untenable living, legal, or health circumstance. The Mother who in a moment of clarity appreciate that her own preservation is now at stake must make the ultimate heart wrenching decision to let go and let God.

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IV. Civil or Criminal Shame

In this new economy we have witnessed the complete destruction of some of the most visible persons amongst us. Just this day we were informed of a retired former major league baseball player who after a stellar career beamed investment advice into our home via one of our favorite television network, so named after a gorgeous wild animal, and was indicted for bankruptcy fraud for selling assets or otherwise reducing the value of a home in California without the consent of the trustee. Each day we are privy to a new mega large movie stars or TV people losing their fortunes including real estate to foreclosure, their money to shady financial schemes, the lure of high returns to much to resist, their employment due to personal problems and sometimes their minds, like after two trials for shooting a young beautiful model who happened be at the wrong place at the wrong time and accepted the invitation to go home with him, or the California based female psychiatrist indulging in nude bathtub rub a dub-dub sessions  with one larger than life Playboy model whose claim to infamy was in marrying up in the world, taking the ensuing fight for his wealth to the Supreme Court of the United States, and her legendary tolerance for ingesting massive amounts of controlled narcotics and booze. The psychiatrist script shopping for this known drug addict and then allegedly journaling that the ethical line had been breached but continued to ride her client friend into the ground anyway for her own aggrandizement.


Through it all family and friends and especially the mother endures the mockery, the self sabotage, the media intrusions and the complete and utter failures of their one or more larger than life child who may or may not have maintained family relationships through their stellar ride into Rockville, Hollywood or just reporting the news for your local dying television affiliate until the end arrives or the gavel drops and the death sentence is imposed for a child who may or may not be guilty.

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Through it all the Love of a Mother endures the loss endured by their child and sometimes the loss of their child through rape, murder or capital punishment the delivery of state sponsored death where the ritual includes disinfecting the arm with alcohol prior to injecting a combination of agents of paralysis followed by the actual lethal injection.

Mary the Mother of Jesus endured state sanctioned capital punishment for petty grievances leveled at her son by the religious authorities of the day.

 Through it all Holy Mary persevered and maintained her love of child and he while near death transferred her care to the apostle he loved and the only disciple to not abandon him during his inquisition, torture and death.

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Mary the Mother of God never questioned God the Father accepting his will in her life from the time she was but a pregnant child. Her Assumption and victory over death the culmination of the life of a Mother who never forsake her son when we was lost in the temple, performed his first miracle, left town, drew the scorn of the local religious and eventually the condemnation of the all powerful Roman Government.

The Book of Esther in the Hebrew Bible describes a woman who became queen of an empire and averts death through faith by approaching the King without his summoning of her to his court and then works behind the scenes to foil a plot against the entire Jewish population residing in this far flung massive empire.

Esther prevailed and saved her people; The “Megillah” the basis for the Jewish celebration of Purim. [2]


Esther offered her life for that of her people and was rewarded by Almighty G-d for her faith, reverence and love.

This year we honor the love we have witnessed from the Holy Book and that is delivered daily in the note in the lunch bag or under the pillow or just by your presence while we suffer in the dark or shine in victory never far from us is the gentle iron hand of the Mother’s of our community, nation and world. Your children wherever they are wanted us to say that they love you! So we just did and want to add our own salutation. We love you too, now and always! <><

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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Our Trinity of Non Anonymous Photo Mothers Include:

First Lady Michelle Obama

U.S. Representative Michelle Bachmann

Our favorite velvety soft serial repeater of the phrase:

“This is ridiculous”-Laura Ingraham


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 [2] www.wikipedia.org The Book of Esther


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Mothers Silent Love 2011

Hello Kid’s hope you had a

wonderful Day!

Snacks in the frig..

Be home Later

Love Mom

We Love you Mom! Happy Mothers day!
















G-d Loves you so very much! A Mothers Love is always there for you! No matter what happens to you! She will always be your Mother! Mother your Children Love you forever and ever they will always be your Children!    Forgive and forget!

"Happy Mothers Day"  Feliz Dia de La Madre

I love you Mom!  Te Amo Madre

Text Box: "Thank you Mom”    Gracias Madre

"I will always love you Mom"   Siempre Te Amare Madre

"Pray for me Mom"  Reza por mi Madre

"Pray for me Mom"  Reza por mi Madre

"Happy Mothers Day"  Feliz Dia de La Madre