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Blocks of Felt RED or other colors..†††††††† You may choose.

Place together and sew with a machine or hand stitch.† Use various color of yard or thread.† (if you can not sew use a glue stick.

Once in† the two pieces of Felt are together. Turn inside out† So† you may not see the seem. Unless you make the seem† apart of your design..

Put your Guest Name and some loving sign or an† affirmation† on the† felt. You can do this with liquid Paint. You can get this paint at the craft store for under .50 cents. Pick up† as many colors as you wish to complete your design.

Make them a few days ahead of time so they may dry.

Hang on wall or Place somewhere the Guests may see their name.

†Have everyone Write affirmations about each other on the valentine cards and pass them out just like in school place them in the† felt bag,

Itís fun and† inspiring and turns out to be a keepsake.


Brian Adams



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