Celebrate this Valentine’s Day….

 With family and friends and that special sweetheart of course, and….

If dining out isn’t an option this year then..

Host your own dinner party, buffet style to include:

2 or three kinds of meat and or fish

 Our personal favorites of:

Skillet fried chicken

Pork chops seared then baked

Cornish hens

Crock pot simmered spaghetti sauce with angel hair pasta.

Homemade Lasagna {expensive but worth it} cheaper alternative frozen deep dish lasagna found at Sam’s

Asian Stir Fried Vegetables

lightly buttered peas garnished with sautéed mushrooms

Green Beans

fresh garden salad.

sheet cake from Wal-Mart or Smiths Bakery

 Plenty of candy hearts and other goodies to spread around your tables.


If too pricey then ask your guests to contribute via potluck.

{Have a back up plan in case the guest bringing the main dish no show’s}


Make Valentine’s Day an affirmation Night!

Craft personalized Valentine’s pockets from felt  other materials or shoe boxes.

Stock up on cheap cards with envelopes.

Ask you guest {assigned seating} to write and sign an affirmation note to each of the other guest and put it at their place or in their holder.


For the price of an exotic dinner for two, you can host  fifteen or twenty of your  family and best friends and have then leaving for home struck by cupids love arrows on cloud nine!


People may not remember what you said but they will always remember how you made them feel!


In this time of economic distress we can all prioritize what is important in our lives; the What is who and the Who is each and every person we come into contact with each and every day of our fragile longevity.


Happy Valentines Day!!!


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Brian Adams



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